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A polypus of cervix of the uterus is symptoms
A woman can not guess about the presence of polypus of cervix of the uterus, because his flow asymptomatic. But the presence of polypus of neck and body of uterus can become reason of sterility. Diagnostics does not present difficulties is examination for a gynaecologist. Treatment is this their moving away surgically. Single - by unscrewing with subsequent cauterization, plural and repetitive - polypuses(лазерокоагуляция, radio wave excision) retire in the beginning, and in a few days - curettement of mucous membrane of uterus.
A polypus menstruations recommend to delete day prior to beginning. It is possible right after her completion.
If a woman became pregnant with a polypus, then a danger for a child a polypus does not carry, and his treatment is carried on post-natal пеоиод.
Somebody will tell to you about the allegedly existent folk recipes of releasing from a polypus by a garlic, seed of pumpkin, by mixture rubbed on the grater of soap and bow. Do not take in head them to take advantage of!you will have yet more problems.