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Adolf Hitler's personal photographer

    Adolf Hitler was a close friend - photographer Hoffman. Fuhrer willingly posed for him and sometimes distrusted most intimate secrets. Hoffman made about 2.5 million photos Nazi leader, who after the Second World War were transported from Germany to the United States. This archive is a trophy and watercolor drawings of Hitler, who wanted to become an artist in his youth. Sam Hoffman of Nazi propaganda was among the defendants at the Nuremberg Trials, served his time and died in 1957.
A quarter century later, when the dust settled after the war, relatives of Hoffmann, who owned a private in the Third Reich shop, presented the U.S. government sued ... the theft of personal property of the photographer Hitler.
     In addition, the plaintiffs demanded to compensate for moral damage, estimated by them at several million dollars. The lawsuit with the U.S. authorities ran more than ten years. In 1993, the heirs of Hoffman even appeared to win a good faith process: A federal judge in Texas estimated the damage at $ 10 million and agreed to pay this amount as compensation. However, this decision was later rejected by higher courts. Hoffman did not get anything.