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Amoral behavior is examples
The provided does not have moral brakes", exactly that is why they quite often and violate the norms of ethics and different rules. An avidity is not perceived by them as a negative concept. Foreign scientists came to such conclusion: "Riches do for citizens, and amoral behavior helps to get" them rich. Researchers set that the proprietors of expensive cars far more often broke rule travelling motion, on crossing does not skip pedestrians. During an experiment to the students it was suggested to try candies with reservation, that they target at poor children. Students from rich families felt free to rake up sweetnesses handful. Their safe coevals either refused less materially or took for одной-две candies. It was also set that distinctions in behavior of participants of experiment did not depend on sex of students, age, religion and political looks.The achievement of the personal interest served reason of behavior of elite. Proved that exactly an avidity increases with the increase of level of riches.