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As correct to begin an acquaintance
Somehow Steve Jobs came forward with a lecture in an university. His future wife sat in a hall. She pleased to him, and he walked up to her after a lecture. She gave the telephone number to him. In the same day he decided to invite her on dinner, but for her the important meeting was pre-arranged. In life is so. Heading for the car, Steve asked yourself :
"What did I do, if this was a closing date in my life"?.
It is Undifficult to understand how he after it acted: he in a flash went back into an audience, searched there this woman and took her with itself. Since they were together.
Understanding that you a mortal is a large source of wisdom. Realization of inevitable end is excellent practice, that is by the best method to fan in itself the flame, willingness to take hazards and with a chairman to submerge in a game that we call life. Such question to itself allows to be concentrated us on basic. While not late.