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Asian airlines today

     The Asian ferrymen constrict the European and American airgiants aggressively, serving 116 directions in 67 countries of the world, growing a fleet(ordering 50  airplanes now and arranging about a purchase 20 in the future).In common east lines transport 26%% armies of air passengers. Quality of their service excels. Ferrymen of Europe and America provides trouble-free delivery of passenger only. But all abuts against a detail! Unby chance, the passengers of the best in the world salon of premium-class from the Arabic company can count on the arm-chairs fully laid out in a bed with built-in massage devices, bed linen from the Egyptian cotton, 58th one inch liquid-crystal televisions, plant-breeding wines, 5 star restaurant service.Bisness-class: the wide arm-chairs laid out in semilying position, 15 one inch monitor, bisness-panel in every arm-chair with an usb- exit and power supply for notebooks. Steward-class: passengers can choose a menu from Korean, Japanese, European kitchens, to send an e-mail. all innovations of ставЯт on service to the passengers - let to the travellers to use mobile communication during flight. There is a youth tariff, a menu for flight can choose beforehand. Another article of pride of the Arabic ferrymen is the schooled air stewards. Certainly secret of service on the Arabic airlines not only in east hospitality. but also " slightly" in the features of labour-market in the Asian countries.