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Biography Roman Abramovich
     After two years of service, Roman already had to leave on a citizen. But in an army there is such thing, as "last chord". When leaving from an army soldier must do something useful for the part. And while will not complete this work, can not go away. An idea clear, a man dreams to get home, breaks with might and main to do everything quicker. For Roman a last chord appeared quite not simple. To him, with the group of the same ending service comrades, charged to cut through просеку in-field for a future road. Works - on a few months. And they want home. Question all, well, that did you do?
     What thought of Roman. He divided the forest that they were necessary to cut down, on equal squares, and went out into the nearest village. And there, as usual, in the houses of stove, at all the problems with firewoods. He said that sold a right on a disafforestation on the area entrusted to him. And each of squares sold. All village rushed on a disafforestation. In two days all просека was cut down.And on the third day Roman Аbramovish left home, saying goodbye with the part forever. Money he divided by three parts. Gave one to the remaining officers. Second, to the friends that needed yet to serve. And the participants of last chord divided the third small group inter se. Money was much.