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Business killer
1. No planning!
Do not take in head to plan anything on a term exceeding one day. And employees compel constantly to hand over to you plans. Thus, even longshoremen. To read them not necessarily. Mainly, that people were busy.
2. To no system!
Causes and effects of your decisions must be bound by no logic. Otherwise people will relax and will decide that they have the future. Then at your business a weak hope will appear on a survival, even despite your efforts.
3. more often reverse decision!
Did insist? Fine fellow! Now will declare publicly, that nothing of the kind you talked. And then, if not to reverse decision one times per three days, people can think, that you already do not control a situation or want, that your business prospered.
4. Insist on it!
Especially in situations, when all tell you around, that so doing is not necessary. Justifying itself is possible that rolled for Steve Джобса. Well and that you do not have the absolutely special product and army of admirers that will buy up everything, what was touched by your genius. Not give up! Not let us convince you this army of grey посредственностей of that losses is badly.
5. Charge more secretarial work to the top-managers!
 And then felt itself, understand, steep управленцами. Let know the place at a leg. Documents попечатают, on the rings of поотвечают. By aerial acrobatics here, certainly, it will be - to invite the friends and compel зам. general or most general потаскать tea and coffee to you. It is desirable to do it all day long. That certainly.
6. Do not take in head to be inlaid in educating of employees!
 And then world practice talks that such investments are too well recompensed. Here will teach on the head, and then they will rescue your business, in spite of your furious resistance.
7. Push off employees foreheads!
 The best method for this purpose - to float a pair rumours that they are waited by an increase, and then each of them privately to tell that you are glad to promote, but other very aims into this place. Then you will have at once two pleasures: and to lower business efficiency, and spiders in a bank to watch.
8. Put on leading positions exceptionally the friends of childhood!
Desirably those that in always could beat the past. Well and that they can not work. But their kind will cause pleasant nostalgia. Well and that they you already a long ago do not love and does not respect. We it labour for. Ideal variant - if they have yet and cause for shallow revenge.
9. No conferences!
Only lectures about that, how to do business. Naturally, lectures must read you, preliminary making sure in that you tore off from work of all capable people. Otherwise your employees can co-ordinate efforts and begin to work to you money.
10. Behave with partners as possible harder!
Well, in fact it is impossible to assume, that you had reliable partner connections. Especially beware to abide by, about that arranged already. And remember: pay never and nobody in time!
11. Do not take in head to encourage people!
It operates on them wrong. They begin to labour for results. Although no. Encouraging is sometimes necessary. Desirably, main idlers. And desirably, with formulation "good you are a man". Certainly, there is a small risk that a concrete idler will reform and will begin to work, but other collective assuredly will hammer on work.
12. more often tell off inferiors!
And try to use more misty formulations. For example, passing in the morning in the cabinet, throw a phrase: "Well and that you here did" me? Let suffer. It will add to their fear before you yet and opinion, that you not responsible for one's the actions. The best destroyer of business thinking of is difficult.