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Cactuses on breakfast

     A true is not ordinary hedgehogs, and those, that grow in the mountains of the African country of Eritrea. Here their garden-stuffs name " белес" and consider a delicacy. However " hunting" on белес is not simple, as cactuses grow on steep rocks and to sneak up to them not small skill is needed. That is why main bread-winners the плодов- teenagers armed with poles, on the ends of that canning jars are fastened. Their sharp edges cut the fruit of cactus, and he is knocked down straight in a jar. Delicious and juicy fruit eat raw, bake, add to the braised meat and other hot dishes, and also in lettuces. Finally, белес appeases thirst perfectly, because in them 95 percents of water. In local medicine garden-stuffs of cactus of ииспользуют as diuretic, clearing a liver and buds means.