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   Cannon large Bеrта
     War went. By the cold March morning the capital of France was shocked by a strong explosion. Townspeople decided firstly, that an opponent had whipped off a drop bomb. However every 15 minutes there was a new explosion. To midday the habitants of Paris understood that a city was fired from a cannon.
But as it could be, if to German positions about hundred kilometres. Appears on this day Germans applied a super-range howitzer first. This cannon, the name "Large Bеrtа" was given that, transported on rails. Weight of her is 125 tons, she shot by projectiles a 20 cm of caliber on a 148 km
"Large Bеrtа" conducted a fire 140 days, but breaking in two motion of war of чудо-пушке was not succeeded. 1918г became the last year of First world war. Germany lost this war.