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Champions among insects in size

Longest insect

In this moment must immediately determine what you mean by the word "big." Thus, the longest insect lives in West Malaysia and can reach up to 55 centimeters in length! It yavlyaetmsya relatives of insects that belong to the stick insects. This name was given to them because they actually look like sticks with legs. The largest specimen of this class can grow up to 32 centimeters. In the world there are about 3000 species of tropical stick insects, and in North America lives only 10 species. One of these species, the American vagabond stick insect, the longest insect of the United States, reaching a length of 17 centimeters.

A large insect

If you are asking about the most serious insect, it is an endangered giant grasshopper New Zealand, which can weigh up to 70 grams. This insect is at first glance, it may seem scary and ferocious, but in fact it is quite harmless.

The most terrible insect

Another insect that is often considered the greatest - this beetle Actaeon, since it looks very massive and can be up to 9 inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 inches thick.