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Chess-player Garry Kasparov
     Was a world on a chess champion Harry Kasparov how asked: how many motions you "think On" forward? Many thought that he would cite some enormous digit, and we will understand that does him great.  An answer showed to the people, why they play a chess worse than Kasparov : "Main in a chess it not that, on how many motions you think forward, but as you analyse a current situation".
Essence of method is in that, not knowing the situation objectively, we begin to count motions that appears erroneous in principle. And as counting all is impossible, turn to correct motions so never and does not reach. As a result, we choose the best variant from worst. The best from those that we examined.
     Applying the same strategy to life, let us think, as often we instead of that objectively to estimate what be going on, we try to count motions forward, and as often later these motions appear not forward, and aside.
     To see the real situation clear, means to do so that motions opened itself. That, who it is said that does not know that to do him farther, does not know only, that takes place with him now.