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Correct calculation at a discharge
1. Within a week brought into the working place a poplar fuzz and set on fire it.
2. Unexpectedly jumping out from a closet, frightened the business partners of firm.
3. Underlaid on the chair of the colleague the office button and sat down on her, showing to the same a low mental level falling short of held a position.
4. Fell out of window of smakingroom the second time for a month.
5. The second year keeps indoors from vacation.
6. Argued with the direct guidance on $100, that him not able to discharge.
7. Pulled the woman half of collective for pirsing.
8. It was noticed in a woman rest room. From the abundance of hearts not able to say anything in the acquittal.
9. Clamped степлером and scatch the money intended for delivery of salary.
10. Cut out the initials on a workmount.
11. Constantly outpours unfinished tea in an aquarium and there washes a mug.