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Cup of hot coffee
Group of graduating students doing a remarkable career, send in guests to the old professor. Certainly, soon conversation called about work - graduating students grumbled about numerous difficulties and vital problems. Offering to the guests of coffee, a professor went on a kitchen and returned with a coffee-pot and tray, covered by the most different cups - porcelain, glass, plastic, crystal and simple, and expensive, and refined.
When graduating students took apart cups, a professor said: "If you noticed, all expensive cups are taken apart. Nobody chose a cup simple and cheap.
Desire to have for itself only the best and there is a source of your problems.
Understand that a cup in itself does not do coffee better.Sometimes she
simply more expensive, and sometimes that we drink hides even. That you really wanted, was is coffee, but not cup. But you chose the best cups consciously. And then looked over, who what cup was reached. Now think: life is coffee, and work, money, position, society are cups.
It just is instruments for storage of Life. That, what cup we have, does not determine and does not change quality of our Life.
Sometimes, concentrated only on a cup, we forget to enjoy taste of coffee. Enjoy the coffee!!! the happiest people do not have the all best. But they extract the all best from that is. Happiness is in that, to want that you have. But not in that, to have that want.