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Easy way to save money
     We will present a girl that works in an office, 650 euros earns in a month and every day eats in a nice cafe. Thus she buys to itself latte for 4 euros. She considers that with this salary, it fully can to itself to allow it. We will present, what would be, if she gave up this expensive coffee. In a month she would be able to set aside approximately 100 euros Simply putting aside for a year she would have a 36 thousand rub But if she correctly will dispose of these money and will begin to inlay them let even under 25%% annual and to reinvest percents, in 10 she will have on the account 32500 euros In 20, on her account there will be already the 350000 earned on daily latte. In 30, she does not need a pension, on her account 3,5 million euros from that 69 thousands she can begin to take off monthly as percents, leaving a capital amount to the children and grandchildren. Does impress?