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Electric fish on the planet
Some fish produce electricity. They use it for self-defense and stun prey.
Fish beaked whales that live in the muddy waters of West Africa, are electrical signals for radar, allowing it to navigate well in the muddy waters and find food.
Ellektrichsky eel, obitatatel South America has no teeth and uses a plate electric organs, going along the tail, which occupies most of the body. It emits several short electrical discharges during paralyzing fish. And as the electric eel in search of food floating on the river with a slow current, now that stunned his prey, he can safely swallow it. Electric eel has a long serpentine body length of 2.75 m and weighs 23 kg. His breathing air, and therefore every few minutes forced to surface. Voltage electrical discharge of fish from 300 to 600 volts, and it is enough that a person has experienced a strong shock.
African catfish generates an electric discharge voltage up to 400 volts and uses them as a ramp, to scare away predators and hunting.
Fish torpedo has a pair of special purplish-brown organs that produce and store electricity like akkumuklyatoram. Living in the Atlantic Ocean big cramp, can emit discharge voltage of about 250 volts. Their electric organs and stingrays use to communicate with each other.