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Elephants with long legs
     It has long been known that elephants can communicate with their relatives at a distance of tens of kilometers. Uncover the secret of their communications could bespreroboynoy U.S. researchers. They were placed in the ground next to the elephants microphones, which convert seismic waves into electrical channels, while the acoustic signals transmitted by animals were recorded on tape. As it turned out, their frequency of 20-25 Hz was optimal for transmission over long distances. How does the elephants perceive seismic vibrations? They are equipped with a trunk sensitive receptors that respond to pressure changes. Apparently, a similar structure and are gentle on the balls of the feet. No wonder the animal, listening to the sounds suspicious, puts the limb in other than walking, posture, then picking up, then gently dropping them. Thus elephants hear not only the ears but also with its trunk and legs.