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Errors of beginners

     The first error is absence of firmness and patience 
When begin, some business, there is a desire constantly to work for the good of project. But time passes, and you feel that a result is not almost present, and you are very much forces and in it it was expended time. Business is given up hereupon, and other man, who not give up, achieves success. Never not give up, and for you all will turn out.
     The second error is premature conclusions
It is so, when businesses go uphill, all, it seems, remarkably done and plan, and here in one moment clients stop to go, employees retire. And a businessman falls in depression, and gives up business. He jumped to the conclusions, maybe on this time of firing pore of vacations, and clients simply left to have a rest, and all will be put right in course of time. It is necessary to analyse everything, and search an exit from a situation, and he will be necessarily.
     Look at itself outside, then on these errors. Maybe you too accomplish them. But even I am so, then it is not needed to despair, they are accomplished by enormous