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Example of business rules
Fulfiling commitment.

Always execute that promise - Your reputation and fate of Your business depend on it. Execute promised, even if it will result in financial losses. It is better to lose money, than reputation.
One owner.

Any business begun in partnership sooner or later will result in disagreements. And serious difficulties will begin then. A business division will begin - and here will be to cut to "по-живому". The best exit - to begin business alone. If such possibility is not present - a division needs to be produced on the initial stage. Otherwise, it is possible to lose not only partner but also business, and frequently and lives.
Interesting idea.

Your business must be an interesting idea. Interesting not only for you personally but also for surrounding.
Money forward.

A basic rule of business is money forward. Remember, whatever betide, as you were not convinced to wait, disagree - you must get money forward. When you come in a shop, nobody will sell bread or vodka you on credit. Pay money and use on a health.
There is the famous phrase said by one of oligarchs - "Business on a trust ends with blood". Therefore divide business and ordinary life. Do not be afraid to show oneself avid or by miser - operate under the rules of business.

All acceding to the partners on business, with suppliers, with customers necessarily design documentarily. It is not necessary to think that "this man such good - he can not deceive". If you do not conclude the documentarily executed agreements - you will lose not only money but also business sooner or later.