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Faithful way
     Went on the forest old man with a student. Ahead obstacle: the stormy small river through that kicked about a bridge. And alongside is the twisted barrel of old tree.
it is Teacher, - deferentially a young man appealed to the old man. - What to me to choose a way: easy or heavy?
     An old man important answered:
- When you cognize Studies, only a way the heavy will bring garden-stuffs.
     Youth breathed heavily, and started to climb on slippery коряге. A teacher looked after with interest, how a young man climbed over across the river, breaking off rotten branches, risking to break away every minute. When youth appeared on a that bank, an old man calmly прошествовал on a bridge.
- How be that?! - a student was indignant. are But as Studies?
- And only attaining mastery, realize that only an easy way conduces to truth, - an old man smiled slyly.