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First snowmobile

     An inventor Жозеф-Арман Бомбардье was born in 1907 in Canada, where by the winter of snow not less than, than in Russia. From little up he dreamed to create a machine on that it was possible with lightness to furrow snow-bound spaces. Success came to him in 1939 - a company " Бомбардье" began producing of sevenlocal machine on skis on caterpillar to motion. And yet in twenty years Жозеф-Арман presented an easy single-seat snowmobile to public. Firstly an inventor gave the name "The Ski dog"(in English - Ski - Dog) to the machine, but from a misprint in an advertisement a new transport got a fame as Ски-Ду(Ski - Doo). After this time easy snowmobiles began to conquer the world, becoming the favourite transport of hunters, fishermen and all amateurs to sweep with a breeze.