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Flight on a zeppelin

     In 1919 transatlantic flights became a matter of course. In July of this year the crew of the British zeppelin of R34 accomplished a maiden in history voyage "there and back" above the Atlantic ocean. A zeppelin took off from Edinburgh(Scotland) and in 4 days arrived in Lоnг-Аiland(New York, United States of America). In all aboard a ship there were 30 persons, one of them was to be parachuted into place of landing, to help to fasten a zeppelin at moorage. Almost at once R34 left in a reverse way and arrived to Norfolk(England). Well and the first flying over Атлантику took place in May of the same year. Six Americans under the command of Alberta Рида flitted on a zeppelin from Newfoundland to Лиссабон(Portugal) with the intermediate landing on the Azores islands. In June the englishmen of Alкок and Браун accomplished the first non-stop flight.