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Glasses under whisky

A fellow came in a tavern and orders to whisky:
- How many from me?
are Three dollars.
A visitor reaches three dollars from a pocket. One lays on a bar before itself, then goes to the left end of bar, the second lays there, then goes to the right end of bar, the third lays there.
A barman, quietly swearing, goes to the right-to the left and takes away money.
The next day a man comes again, orders again glass to whisky and lays out dollars in the different ends of bar.
A barman is angered, but after money walks.
Such picture recurs day after a day.
And once a man orders whisky, takes glass, digs in a pocket and drags out the scrap of paper in 5 dollars.
Barman quickly takes this scrap of paper, smiles vindictively, reaches two dollars of handing over, goes to the left end of bar, there lays one dollar, then goes to the right end and the second lays there.
Then returns and gloatingly looks at a visitor.
A man drinks whisky phlegmatically, drags out a dollar from a pocket, lays him before itself and talks:
- Perhaps, I will take glass yet.