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Greatest eagle

Long long ago above New Zeland a giant eagle Hааst ruled undividedly. Only imagine this monster with the scope of wings 3 meters and weighing 10-15 kilogram(it on one third more than the greatest modern eagles). A giant fed by large unflying birds by моа weight under 200 kilograms. How could such monster appear? As scientists found out, investigating DNA of eagle Hааsт, an ancient monster belongs besides to family, what the littlest above-ground in our days eagles(weight less kilogram, a scope of wings is a меньше meter). Here such " kids" and arrived at one time(about million years back) to New Zeland. Other predators, except them not appeared, and a booty here walked about such sizes, that was to grow up. One time, so, in ten. Purchasing enormous sizes, an eagle Хааст did not lose ability to fly, unlike моа or, for example, ostriches. A surprizing case is in history of evolution of birds!