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How does the toaster for the preparation of sandwiches
Inside the toaster is made of wire mesh, which heat up and fry bread. When you push the lever that lowers the slice of bread in the toaster, it clings to the hook inside the device and includes a heater. While the bread is toasted and crisp and ruddy, a special metal switch inside the toaster oven is heated and bent. After a while he bent so badly that presses the plunger lever is disengaged from the hook, the spring is released, and under the influence of toast popping up.
Why is bent metal switch in the toaster?

This is because the switch is made in the form of two adjoining plates of metals. such a device is called a bimetallic switch. One metal (usually brass) expands when heated rapidly, and the second slow. This difference causes the plate to bend to the side of the metal which expands slower. Bimetal switch used in other household appliances, in which to maintain a constant temperature of electricity on and off, such as irons, and refrigerators. In the thermostat that controls the temperature in your house, turning on and off heating and konditsioener also used bimetallic switch