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How many in the world of people and how many from them children
     In 2008 the quantity of population of Earth made approximately 6,6 milliards of persons. In different regions the quantity of population grows with different speed, however for 20 century the increase of population appeared the greatest in all history of humanity. It is explained успезами medicines and by the height of production of food. On the estimations of the UNO in 2000 an index of natural increase of population was 1,15%% ( or about 75 million persons) in a year, and to 2050 the quantity of population of the whole world can attain 9,2 milliard of persons.

How many in the world of children?

In 2000 every third tellurian was younger 15, and it means that all in the world about 1,8 children. For example, about 70 million children live in the United States. On convention of the UNO everybody is 18 to is a child.