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How to eliminate poverty
1. Avidity

Permanent search of price-list with inscription " Discount" and shop with transparency " Sale", unwillingness to pay aspiration to compel the employees of own firm to work as many as possible after as for good education of the children, it is possible less money - here faithful signs that the second habit of poor people is already in you.
The man programed on riches is ready to pay for things their real cost and generously to reward labour of the helpers - and expects the same from other.
2. Feeling of regret in relation to itself

The people adjusted on poverty spare itself and suppose that to be rich to them it is not destined by a fate. To spare itself is a wonderful method to find a многотонный anchor that will stop you for the way of the personal development and will provide eternal poverty.
3. Whining

Is life heavy? Simply terrible? Around discrimination, corruption, boor, crime - to you, normal man, is not there a road to success? Every potential unlucky person will agree with all of it. A vaccine from this habit is creativity.
Find unique possibilities to contest with the vices of environment, exit
4. Spending of greater amount of money, what it is possible to allow

Credit cards and smiling employees of banks with gladness will help to appear you in debtor's prison. In fact a man not wishing to become successful does not want to understand a difference between the useful credit taken on development of own business, and ruinous loan, on the purchase of luxurious foreign car or enormous mansion.
5. Choice of instantaneous benefit

A desire to get at once and on a maximum is извечное property of poor people. They are not able to understand that, settling down on position with a middle salary in a solid company, it is possible over the years to have much more, what if to pay attention to only that, how many you will get in a month.