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How to feel taste of life
Elderly man with a 25-years-old son entered the carriage of train and took the places. A young man sat down at a window.
As soon as a train moved, he had stuck out a hand in a window, to feel a blast and suddenly admiringly began to cry :
it is Dad, see, all trees go back!
An elderly man smiled in reply.
To show fully.
The married couple sat next to a young man. They were a bit confused by that 25 a summer man behaves, as a young child.
Suddenly a young man again began to cry in a delight:
it is" Dad, see, lake and animals. Clouds go together with by" train!
A pair watched strange behavior of young man, in that his father, seemed, found nothing strange, abashedly.
It was rain, and the drops of rain touched the hand of young man. He was again overwhelmed with gladness and closed eyes. And then began to cry :
it is Dad, it is raining, water touches me! Do you see, dad?
Wishing though something to help, a pair sitting alongside asked an elderly man:
- Why will not you take a son in some clinic on consultation?
An elderly man answered from what a pair was confused:
are We just from a clinic. Today my son first time in life found sight.