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How to find a job fast
     At a device on work a manager asks:
- do you Have some experience by a salesman?
     A young man with readiness answers:
- Certainly! There, where I arrived from, I had worked as a salesman!
     Obviously a young man pleased a manager:
- Begin right now to work.
     The first working day was very tense, but a young man managed.
Upon termination of work to him a manager walked up asks:
- Well, and how many persons for you today did do purchases?
it is one .
it is one? In our shopping center salespeople on the average serve from 20 to 30 purchases in a day! ! And was a sum left in our center by the customer served by you?
are 98 516 dollars 17 cents.
- What? 98 thousands 516 dollars and 17 cents! What did you sell him?
- At first I sold a little fish-hook after middle and after already the largest him. Then I sold the most fashionable fishing-rod to him. When were these purchases packed him, I asked where does he gather to fish? He answered that in Finn bay. On it I said him, that there without a boat not to do.
We got down in the department of boats and I advised him to buy a two-engined diesel boat. She pleased him, but he засомневался, that his sporting car would not be able to tow such boat. We went out into a motor-car department, I and here advised to him the jeep with a trailer. Here such purchases were done today by my first client.
A manager with square eyes watched after a story new
- do you want to say that this customer came to buy a fish-hook, and in the total bought a boat and jeep with a trailer?
- No, it is not. He came to buy the pack of tampons for the wife. And I said him, that one time week ends however started to fly in a bum, it is so better to be given on fishing.