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I am afraid to live
    Do you know, waking up early today and looking around on the life, I thought : " And is it needed to be afraid me to risk and do that I really want to do, taking no notice on stranger opinion and criticism in the address? Taking no notice on imaginary fears that is drawn by my "clever mind", removing me from realization of my desires"?. Death happens with one hundred people from one hundred, not with ninety nine, and with one hundred people. Does stand from for her to experience, if a moment will come, when she to me will patter and will say : " Well that, it is time"!? I think more frightful than all it, when she will patter to me, and I, looking around on the life, will so much regret, that I had possibility, and I did not take chance. That I could walk up to the girl to become acquainted, but afraided, that she me would send. That I did not have time to say to the parents as strongly I love them and does not want, what them sworn at.That I did not retire from bothering and uninteresting to me work and so not took chance to open the business.I will be sorry that small traveled and did not care of the health. Etc. Now that do I have some doubts, I set to itself one question: " And what am" afraid of I? and doubts no longer remain.