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Все о медицине
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Jobs in prisons
1. In clink for good behavior the term of stay is abbreviated you. At work for good behavior more work is given you.
2. In clink you can visit native and friends. Horse-radish such rolls at work.
3. In clink(by law) on every man space is fixed in 6 m. At work you are at a table with free space less than 1 m.
4. In clink you free of charge are fed 3 times per a day. At work you have one dinner only, and that not
free of charge.
5. In clink you can play maps and tell anecdotes. At work you will get it in the neck for it.
6. There is a heap of perverting and sadists in clink. At work they are called managers.
7. In clink a guard walks after you and unlocks, closes all doors. At work you hang around with the keys or magnetic card.