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Lamborghini owners
     This instructive enough history happened in Monte Carlo. Somehow one impressive man called to visit a local bank and asked the worker of establishment about a credit. He said that he needs to leave to Italy and he need 4000 euros(actually a young man was lost in a fuzz and ashes in a local casino) quickly. A credit inspector, as it is in a bank, lingered and began to ask a client to give necessary to him documents. 
     Our hero did not have with itself documents and he gave the keys from it new Lamborghini, that stood outside, right in front of financial establishment. A creditor was a bit surprised, after checked motor-car numbers, checked on a base the name of her proprietor and gave a consent to the reception of car as a mortgage.

     A man left, and an inspector, as it is on social works, went повеселить employees history about that, how one дурачек pawned Lamborghini a cost 200000 euros for some 4000.
     Lamborghini certainly designed on a stand in the underground garage of bank. In a week the major key returned and paid 4000 euros, and %%, that made 14 euros only.
And our worker nevertheless restrained the curiosity: "Monsieur, this was remunerative enough business, but allow to put question to you. Because it is our duty we studied Your data and discovered that Your family is one of the richest in Italy. So will explain, what sense it was you to worry about such unimportant loan?
     Did the answer of young millionaire stun not only the worker of bank but also standing nearby door-keeper : "Say, where as early as Monte Carlo I will be able to put the machine on a stand for 14 euros"?
Rich, that is why and rich, that skips not a single even most shallow possibility to begin to work.