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Languages ​​of the different nations of the world
     Although some animals have demonstrated the ability to communicate with other animals and people, only people communicate through language, which is a system of sound symbols. Scientists do not know. exactly when people started to say, even though they know that it happened a long time ago. even in prehistoric times. Various dialects appeared when a community of people, separated by deserts, oceans, mountains, have developed their own system of communication that reflected their unique way of life. These new languages ​​are passed on to children who have learned to speak as the adults around them.
     When moving to new places, people were transferred to the other and their languages. Gradually, they began to say some words differently, and have been forced to add new words to describe new situations they faced in their new places. Languages ​​gradually changed, although some general features remain. Today, English and French seem dissimilar, but they come from a common parent language (language - ancestor) called Indo-European. All languages ​​that have arisen from the same parent language, belong to the same language "family." In the world today there are thirteen bolshiz language families which include most languages.