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Lao of quotation about life
Never reprobate a man, while will not pass a long way in his boots.
Life is short, and it is not necessary to lose time, it is needed to enjoy her. To show fully.
Who thinks that grasped everything, that knows nothing.
If you measure the success the measure of stranger praises and blames, your alarm will be endless.
Law of deserving - to create good not to quarrel.
you are managed by that, who angers you.
It is better to be soft outside and hard inwardly, what hard outside and soft inwardly.
A trip long in thousand miles is begun with the first step.
Overcoming of difficult is begun with a lung, realization of great is begun with small, because in the world the difficult appears from a lung, and great - from small.
Be attentive to the ideas, they are beginning of acts.