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Lessons to learn in life

A trade representative, secretary and manager, go to have dinner and find an ancient lamp. They rub her, and Jean appears from her. He talks: "I will carry out on one desire of each of you". "I am first, I am first"!, - a secretary talks. "I want now to be on Bahamas, on a cutter, and not to think of anything". She disappears. "Now I, now I", - a trade representative talks. "I want to be on Hawaii, have a rest on a beach, with a massage, endless supply of pinacolada and love of all my life" He disappears. "Now your turn", - Jean tells to the manager. "I want, that those two went back into an office after dinner". Moral of history : always let us speak out Your boss the first.
A turkey talked to the bull. "I dream to perch on the top of tree, - she breathed, - but I have so few forces". "Why not поклевать my dung you? - a bull answered, - there are many nutritives" in him. A turkey склевала the small group of dung, and it really gave to her forces are enough, to perch on the lower branch of tree. The next day, eating yet, she attained the second branch. Finally, on a fourth day, a turkey proudly sat on the top of tree. There she was noticed by a farmer and hammered together a shot from a gun. Moral of history : manipulations with a dung can help you to perch on a top, but will not retain you there.
An eagle sat on a tree, had a rest and did nothing. Did a little rabbit see an eagle asked: "And it can to me too to sit, how you, and to do" nothing? "Certainly, why no", - that answered. A rabbit sat down under a tree and began to have a rest. A fox appeared suddenly, grasped a rabbit and ate him. Moral of history : to sit and to do nothing, you must sit very, very highly.
A little birdie flew southward, to spend winter. It was so cold, that she was cold and fell down on earth in the large field. While she lay there, a cow had passed by and ... on her. Lying in a cow flat cake, a birdie understood suddenly, how to her warm. A cow dung returned her to life! To the birdie it became so good suddenly, that she began to sing, to express the gladness. A running about by lady-cat heard singing and decided to understand, in what here business. Following to the source of sound, a lady-cat found a birdie, dug out her and ate. Moral of history : 1) not each, who made mischief on you, Your enemy. 2) not each, who reaches you from a dung, Your friend. 3) when you are good warm, it is better to hold a mouth closed.
A priest offers to the nun to bring her. Sitting down in a machine, she fills up a leg for a leg, so, that a thigh takes off all clothes. A priest hardly succeeds to avoid an accident. Equalizing a machine, he stealthily lays a hand to her on a leg. Does a nun talk: "Father, you remember Psalm 129"? A priest takes away a hand. But, changing a transmission, he again lays a hand to her on a leg. Does a nun repeat: "Father, you remember Psalm 129"?. A priest is sorry : "I am sorry, sister, but a flesh is weak". Getting to the monastery, a nun heavily breathes and goes out. Arriving in a church, a priest finds Psalm 129. In him talked: "Go along and search, higher you will find happiness". Moral of history : if you know the work badly, many possibilities for development will pass straight for you before a nose.
A husband calls at a shower, while his wife only finished to wash. A doorbell is heard. A wife is hastily wrapped up in a towel and hurries to open. On a threshold is a neighbour Bob. Only seeing her, Bob talks: "I will give 800 dollars to you, if you will take off a towel". Thinking pair of seconds, a woman does it and stands before Bob naked. Bob gives to her 800 dollars leaves. A wife puts on a towel back and goes back into a bathroom. "Who it was"? - a husband asks., "Bob" - a wife answers. "Perfectly, - does a husband talk, - he talked nothing about 800 dollars that must" me? Moral of history : partaken with shareholders by information about the given out credits, otherwise you can appear in an unpleasant situation.