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Let us divide the world
     Only the fourth of the profits got 100 richest people of the world last year would be enough in an order to eradicate poverty among the poorest layers of population of all planet. About it eleemosynary organization declared on a fight against poverty of Oxfam.
From data of organization, net profits these 100 persons attained a $240 milliard last year, passes to ВВС.
Meantime, organization marks, the poorest layers of population earn less $1, 25 in a day.
Oxfam is an international association from 15 organizations working in more than 90 countries all over the world. The aim of activity of organization is a decision of problems of poverty and by the injustice related to her in the whole world.
Oxfam was founded in British city Oxford in 1942 as the Oxford committee of help starving. The first task of committee was to convince the British government to settle the grant of food help to the starving citizens of Greece occupied by hitlerites, in spite of interallied blockade. The first committee of Oxfam outside Great Britain was created in 1963 in Canada. In 1965 organization changed the name from the Oxford committee of help starving on a brief variant Oxfam.