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Love by the eyes of man
Love of man - it part of his life only; he has many other businesses that needs to be executed. Love of woman is all her life. For a man it not so.
For a man there is love - one of many things. He would like to poetize not because he loves; he would like to write pictures not because he loves - this employment has the own value for him, by nothing unconnected with love. And getting tired from pictures, music, he would like to tumble deeply into love to drop off; this his rest. See a difference: love of man is this place of his rest. When he gets tired from the world, from thousand and one the businesses, he wants to tumble into energy of woman, in her heat to dissolve. Remember: he loves, only if gets rest, and then he can draw again, poetize, invent music or dance. For him love is necessary basis, to do other things.
For a woman - all vice versa: she will do other things, because she loves. If she does not love, she stops to do anything in general.