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Magic of brain

 It not I, it all they

Our mind tries to compel us to believe that reason of our hoodoo - in other people: acquaintances, married couples, parents. We are ready to throw about prosecutions to the left and to the right, as a kid throws about toys in kindergarten. A that moment, when we undertake responsibility for the life, will serve foundation of veritable happiness
 I f for me it was
Our brain tries to instil to us, that we would be happier, if we had other work, other house, other machine. There is nothing bad in the will the best things and circumstances, but it does not do us automatically happy. They can temporally cheer up, but it all passes quickly. That, who wants durable happiness, must realize that the barrel of desires is bottomless, and her never to fill доверха. And veritable happiness goes from within
 In an order to be happy, I need to reveal secret happiness

A secret is in that the secrets of happiness or success are not present. How many not books, authors and our own mind, convinced us, no secret keys from the door of "simple human happiness" are not present. you create the picture of the future, form strategy and then insistingly and zealously work on her embodiment

 I love that is, and I do not want changes

Allowing to think itself in like manner, we create all pre-conditions for falling downward. Life is this trip in permanent changes. Some of them we control, some - no. Resistance to the changes or attempt to take everything under the control is doomed to the failure. Changes are inevitable. you must accept it and learn to swim in the continuous stream of changes. A capacity for adaptation is very important for happiness
 I know that not must - but

Our mind tries to deceive us, denying the consequences of our pernicious habits. Especially it touches the questions of health. "I know that must not smoke, but it helps to become" thin me. "I know that not must it I am, but if I can not enjoy life, then why in general to live". Problems with a health - undoubtedly, it is a call to happiness. Do not allow to the mind to ensnare you self-justifications and condescension to the weaknesses 

  If not today, so - never

Our mind often despairs and yields to disappointment for a few steps from success. A persistence is very important for the achievement of happiness. Never allow to the mind to deceive you and accept the defeat. you do not know that will bring a morrow to you. Only one day is can be all, that it is needed for the achievement of your dream 
 I will make decision, when I will know exactly, that to do
What you think anymore, that rather you call at a deadlock. Weighing of risks, analysis of possibilities and acceptance of plan is important factors, but nothing takes place until there are not a decision and actions. We very rarely have complete information for making decision. Feet to the doubts! A failure is not doomsday. Do not allow to your mind to lead away you in the trap of total analysis all in the world

 Dreams come true at those, who it is lucky

Reason is a yarn to us that we are toys in the hands of fate. It results in an idea, that nothing good in such life can not happen. That our mind considers as luck at other, frequently is an invisible protracted and laborious job performance. Believe in the dream all heart, and you will be rewarded

I would be happier, if I had less than to work

Our mind often comes running to this argument, asserting that we would be happier, if must not work. We imagine life complete entertainments, and we are cheated, thinking that we would become happier from it. However exactly idleness often is main reason of boredom and depression. We are industrious, creative creations. We must decide tasks to improve, to be happy. Inlay the soul in something meaningful for itself, and you will see that your degree of rose