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Make offence
     People like to be offended.
What such " the offense"? Offense - when a man behaves not so as you thought of for him. Id est we have a scenario and when someone does something not on this scenario, we are offended:
     How could you come without a nosegay? Callous animal!
How could you flirt with this fellow?
How is my son/daughter can do such?
Id est клевый(for you) scenario, and someone(not knowing about him) acts not so.
In the total - "carry away the toys and not in my pot".
Offense is manipulation.
     For example, in quality, threats: will not do something, I on you will be offended and I will not speak with you. Or in quality, punishments: you demonstrate offense all kind and by eloquent silence and type of martyr/of martyr, compel a man to feel sense of guilt.
In a word, reasons great number, but in basis always one - to compel a man to execute the that program that you thought of for him. Certainly, there are situations, when brings manipulations over to a plan result,