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Mcdonalds in Russia

     on January, 31, 1990 first " Mcdonalds" was opened in the USSR. Building of the first restaurant on the Pushkin area in Moscow began in May, 1989. And in the morning in the day of opening at the doors of the American snack bar a turn lined up from 5000 persons, and for a day a snack bar was visited by more than 30 000 persons. This number became the record of the first working day in history of network of restaurants " of Mcdonalds". Prices in new establishment it was difficult to name democratic: a hamburger costed 1,5 rouble, "Биг-мак" - 3,5 rouble. For a country, where a middle salary made 150 roubles, it was expensive. Today 356 restaurants " of Mcdonalds", that serve more than 950 000 visitors every day, work in Russia.