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Methods of fight against poverty
1.Poverty arises up, if to avoid responsibility!
2. If you have small money, it is necessary to do business. If money is not present quite, necessary to do business quickly, right now! Search a problem and think over methods of their decision. Design the most successful decisions as business-projects and offer to the investors
3. A way to enormous riches lies only through a passive profit. Profit that comes to you regardless of your efforts. Create the source of passive profit and live to itself in the pleasure!
4. There are only two rules of the advantageous investing. First - save money! The second governed - wanted to take chance, look a rule first. A profit must always exceed an expense
5. Study biographies and ideas of the richest people of the world
6. If you gather to have money, bring to the market some value and people will bring money to you. And the amount of money depends on that, as far as convincingly you will paint the benefits of this value
7. Work only for the sake of the interest. Forget appeals about a corporate culture and loyalty to the firm. Firm is always made on you, otherwise you would not work there
8. Think of that, how to begin to work minimum $ 50 000 in a month. It is possible anymore - it is impossible less than!
9. Money come to you through other people. Communicate! Beechs unsociable persons extremely rarely become rich
10. Dreams - this main in your Life! Dream and believe that dreams will come true. A man begins to die, when stops to dream
11. Help people! Not for money, from a clean heart. But, only to those people you want that to help. It is not obligatory relatives or acquaintances
12. Compliment! Simply praise outside a woman for a beautiful hair-do, man for a beautiful, sporting figure, and how small yet causes for praise. It always lifts your self-appraisal