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Methods to get rich

Two habitants of the Irkutsk area, moving the small river on a bridge, lighted up suddenly, that they went literally on money. Not long thinking, they went out from a machine and began to take apart a bridge, more faithful, cast-iron grates from him, bargaining to get a, in their opinion, rather large income for it. After this employment them and by chance passing found by constabulary, stop poor fellows realizing the businessplan to the end.

The Ingush businessman thought of, how to knock together the state on fish wastes. He built a workshop on making of fish skin, from that afterwards began to do an original shoe, jackets and accessories, using large demand.
Certainly many of us this of genius idea occurred - to take a credit in a bank, say, on the milliard of dollars, and then to buy this bank and forgive to itself a debt. Only yet none thought of these people, how to convince this establishment to give to him a credit on such sum.

The enterprising American boy found the very simple method of receipt of income. Buying desirable for all American children prefix of Nintendo, he, not long thinking, fried her in микроволновке. After it on the internet - auction did a new plumb line appear is clotty prefix, by a cost in 6000 dollars and placard : "Wanted black Nintendo? Fly"!.
Alias Ferguson, remaining without penny in a pocket, selling out everything, that it is possible, remained with lots to nobody not necessary old newspapers. From them he glued together little халупу of and proposed it on a street with inscription : the "Tourist object from the newspapers of beginning of 20th century". Collecting all on a dollar from every tourist, he soon got rich. 

A sharp woman from Czech Republic drew 440 thousand crowns from the bank account. Then she tore every note on two unequal parts and went to hand over them in different jars. For a little scrap she got 25%% from a face value, and for greater part - equivalent note. It is sorry that she was arrested, not giving to take advantage of garden - stuffs of this laborious labour.
The first place is legally occupied by the Ukrainian businessmen that during Orange revolution began to sell to the sentimental habitants of jar with "Free air of Maidan". Business overgrew since, and for a few dollars it is possible to get a canning jar with mountain or forest air, aroma of sea or rain, in general, all, that will wish, for your money.