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Need free money
A little old lady walked along the street, carrying in hands two plastic sacks from under garbage. In one of them there was a hole and periodically from him on a road fell out 20-ти dollar notes. It was noticed by a policeman and stopped her:
- Мam, for you twenty fall out of sack!
it is Devil!, - a little old lady said, -  I back, and I will collect that fell out. Thank you, that was said!
- Not so quickly, - did a policeman say, - From where for you these money? Did steal?
- Oh, it is not! - a little old lady said, - Understand, my base-court is at once after parking of soccer stadium. After a match the heap of fans goes to the bushes to pour off and it does straight on my floral flowerbeds! And I guard after bushes with large garden scissors and each time, as someone pushes in the piece in pink bushes, I talk: "20 bucks or I will cut" off!
-  Good idea! - a policeman began to laugh, - Well, can go. By the way, and that in other package?
- Understand, - a little old lady said, - not all pay.