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Nikolai Prgevalskiy

By the dream of Nikolai Prgevalskiy always remained Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. But she so not came true. The last fifth expedition made off in summer of 1888. According to will a scientist was buried in an expeditionary form here, ashore lake Иссык-Куль.
He was a nomad 22, collected more than 7500 exhibits, opened a wild camel, wild horse, медведя-пишухоеда, in гербаниях is 16 thousand plants. He was the honoured member of 24 scientific establishments of Europe.
On suggestions to get married Н.М.Пржевальский always merrily answered: "Devil tear to pieces them, both marriage and riches. They will bring luck to me not, and heavy captivity. A free bird in a cage will not retain". According to statement of biographers, Nikolay Mikhajlovich did not have children. But insistent rumors, that Joseph Stalin very looks like him, living until now.
Above his grave on a ninemeter rock a granit eagle stretched out wings.