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Old donkey

    Once a donkey tumbled into a well and began loudly to yell, calling for help. On his screaming the owner of burro came running and was at losses - in fact to smuggle out of burro it was impossibly from a well.
      Then an owner decided so: my "Settled already old, and not long it remained him, and I however wanted to buy a new young donkey. This well quite dried out already, and I already a long ago wanted him to fall asleep and dig up new. So why at once not to kill two hare - I will fill up ка I am an old well, and burro I will bury" in concert.
Not long thinking, he invited the neighbours - all amicably took up shovels and began to give up earth in a well. A donkey understood at once, that to what and began loudly to yell, but people did not pay attention to his yammering and silently continued to give up earth in a well.
     However, very soon a burro fell silent. When owner glanced in a well, he saw a next picture - every piece of earth, that fell on the back of burro, he shook off and crushed feet. After a while, to the universal surprise, a burro appeared above and jumped out from a well! So.
... Maybe, there were many every troubles in your life, and in the future life will send to you all new and new. And every time, when a next lump will fall down on you, remember that you can shake off him and exactly due to it to whom, to rise a bit higher. Thus, you gradually will be able to get out from the deepest well.
Every problem is a stone that life throws in you, but stepping on these stones, you can go across a stormy stream.