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Question to the advocate
     In a train a blonde and advocate sit on nearby arm-chairs.
To go long. A blonde is silently turned away and looks through a window.
     Advocate to the blonde:
- Let I set a question you, if you do not know an answer are you to me 5 pound. Then you set a question me, if I do not know an answer is I to you 500 pound.
A blonde consents.
Advocate: - Which is distance from Moon to Earth?
A blonde silently gives 5 pound to him.
- Who does walk uphill up three feet, and goes down on four?
Passes the pair of hours. An advocate rang up all friends, перерыл the Internet, can not find an answer. There is nothing to do, gives to the blonde 500 pound asks:
it is Who it???
A blonde silently gives to him 5 pound and turned away to the window.