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Все о медицине
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Rights for men in the world
- Every man in secret from a wife has a right пропылесосить a cat.
- Every man has a right to abandon the closed pistachios on then.
- When a man carries a carpet, he is under an obligation to fire off from him on garages, as though from базуки.
- Every man is under an obligation to be able to straighten shorts through the pocket of pantaloons. To show fully.
- When does someone yawn alongside, a man is under an obligation to push in to him a finger in a mouth, if he will bite, to say: "you are a че fool"?.
it is Shirt, hanging night on a chair - is automatically considered pressed.
- Every man after a shower has a right to comb back hair back, he Italian мафиози as though!
- must Every man remember a that moment, when did he guess an answer in "What? Where, When"?, and connoisseurs - no!
- Every man has a right, if shampoo made off, to wash a head shower gel.