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Rotation of money
     A rich tourist arrived in a small town.
Leaving in gage to the 100$ innkeeper, he rose to look the rooms of hotel. An innkeeper, not delaying not minutes, takes a note and hurries with it to the butcher to repay debt. A butcher, with a note in hands, hurries to the farmer and repays debt to him for a beef. A farmer repays debt to the proprietor of autoworkshop. The proprietor of workshop is directed in a local shop and repays debt for foods. An owner of shop is running to the local girl on accompaniment, that from a crisis " served" him on credit. A girl at once hurries to the innkeeper and repays debt to him for rooms that she took off for clients. In this moment back a tourist goes down it is said that did not find a suitable room, takes away a mortgage departs.