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Secret of riches
     Once the father of rich family decided to take the little son down to country, on a farm to show to the son as far as there can poor be people. 
They conducted a day and night on a farm at very poor family. When they came home, a father had asked the son:
- As did a trip please you?
- That is great was, dad!
- did you see, as far as there can poor be people? - a father asked.
- Yes.
- And what did you learn from it?
     A son answered:
- I saw that we have a dog in a house, and for them four dogs. We have a pool in the middle of garden, and for them is a bay edges are not visible that. We light up the garden lamps, and stars light them. For us a patio is on a base-court, and for them is whole horizon.
A father lost gift of speech after this answer of son.
     And a son added:
- Thank you, dad, that showed to me, as far as these people are rich.