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Space hotel

     In 2016 the scientists of Russia plan to send the first in the world hotel in space. The last names of participants of project умалчиваются certainly. Пятидневка will pull at on an orbit, as sung in a song, on everything one and a half the "million, million the dollars of the USA". Difference: self residence in a hotel only 200 thousands, all other sum is payment of passage to the space station. Tastes of clients are taken into account in the question of choice of bed - will be and horizontal, will be and for the lovers of stand-up places, i.e. vertical(allegedly for the economy of dwelling-place). Shower-bath/pls( specially for resident in a state of weightlessness) are envisaged.
     Tomillionaires will not have to eat from tubes, all dishes will be delivered from Earth, tepefy in микроволновке. Menu: veal buds with forest mushrooms and leguminous puree. Drinks non-alcoholic. We wait!