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Speed of cheetah and where he dwells
     Most rapid in the world mammalian is a cheetah that can hurry at a speed of a 110 kilometre at o'clock. From a place cheetahs speed up 72 km/h only for two seconds, and able to run about at full pelt distance to 300 meters. All parts of body as though are created for speed: large nostrils, lungs, liver, heart and надпочечники, give ability tenderly to react on an environment and overtake a booty to the cheetah. The long and slender body of cheetah differs in flexibility and convolves as a whip, when an animal must quickly overtake a booty, usually небольшкю antelope, or to slip away from the powerful jaws of covey of hungry hyenas. The special pillows on paws and non-retractable claws provide coupling with earth, necessary for an instantaneous jerk forward. (Читайте также Тактильные ощущения)
    Cheetahs dwell in the vast savanna of South-west Asia and Africa, where enough space is, to run a little, wander and поохотиться. The female of cheetah long teaches babies to fowl. She brings a small antelope to the brood, mostly gazelle or импалу, and then releases, that babies were able to be driven on after a booty and catch her. Usually a cheetah hunts by the daily light, I prefer an early morning or early evening, however he is active and in lunar nights. Cheetahs communicate by means of purring, hissing, howl and growling.